A 95-year-old Peoria man isn’t a musician, but the lyrics he put on paper are now being shared with the world.

Fred Stobaugh recently lost his wife of nearly 75 years. He said they shared a love of music. Fred soon turned his sadness into a song. “We were, like, just as one we were. Lorraine and I.”

Singer and songwriter Jacob Colgan remembers receiving Fred’s letter for a Singer Songwriters Contest he was putting on. “What made Fred’s entry so special was instead of a video, it was a large manila envelope.”

“Fred had written song lyrics for his wife, ‘Sweet Lorraine’”

Jacob wanted to put Fred’s lyrics to professional music and sing it as well, When he told Fred this, Fred reluctantly responded, “well you know that’s great but I just don’t have the money to cover it.” But there would be no costs to Fred.

When Fred first heard the song Jacob had written the music and arrangments for, he cried. He said, “Wonderful, just wonderful.”Fred said, “It just touched me. And I know Lorraine, she heard that too. It just has been a great life.

Thanks to WMBD online for this inspiring story.

If you would like to purchase the song, ‘Sweet Lorraine’ on iTunes, follow this link: Sweet Lorraine

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