The Head Fred gets a Freducation!

Fred LeFebvre is an on air radio personality at WSPD in Toledo Ohio. He has a morning show called ‘Fred LeFebvre and the Morning Show.’ Ever since 1980 when Fred first got to Toledo, he made it his goal to help the area reach it’s potential. Whether it was keeping the community informed about local political shenanigans, or being involved in local charities,.. read more →

Fred’s DX – Dyersville, Iowa

  A good Friend of the Freds (FOF), John Goen sent the Head Fred this photo on a recent trip home to Dyersville, Iowa. As you can see it was a bright, sunny and warm day in Iowa when John took this cool photo. We don’t know what ‘Fred’s DX’ was or who ‘Fred’ is,.. read more →

Advancing Freds!!??

  Just when you least expect it, the name Fred once again makes its presence known in a positive way. As the Head Fred was driving down the highway near his Arizona home last week, he saw something that filled him with excitement and pride: A sign that proclaimed Get Ahead With Fred. “That’s exactly what.. read more →

FREDSKINS?!! Willard Defends!

TGFFW! Thanks God For Fred Willard! That’s all we could say after viewing this video from a recent episode of ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show.’ It’s an example of  just one more shot, in a long line of assaults and insults, to the ‘Fred’ community. TGFFW! Fred Willard was there to stand up for all Freds and FOF’s (Friends.. read more →

Fellow Fred Helping Homeless Vets

Fredric Alan Maxwell is a Fred on a mission. He wants to see to it that the homeless veteran becomes a thing of the past. A decorated Vietnam-era Navy veteran himself, Fredric served on the personal staffs of Admirals Zumwalt and Holloway when they were the Chiefs of Naval Operations. After leaving the service, however,.. read more →

This Fred brings his kid’s drawing to life!

Fred Giovannitti colours his kids’ drawings while flying for business trips. This Fred takes his young kids’ drawings on business trips and colors them in to pass the time on the plane. It’s both an adorable collaboration between father, son and daughter as well as an impressive collection of surrealist art. “I invent industrial equipment designed.. read more →

Fast Freddie’s Festive Five-Mile Foot Feast

Twenty years ago, the FRED Society ran a story about Fred Geswein and his annual foot race called ‘Fast Freddie’s Festive Five-Mile Foot Feast. Today, Fast Freddie’s is now a Thanksgiving tradition in New Albany, New York. A record field is expected for the 25th annual 5-miler to benefit diabetes education being run on November 28,.. read more →

Two Photos. Two Freds. Too Cool!

Fred Aemmer, Jr. recently sent us the two photos you see above. Both photos show an array of pumpkins, gourds and the heads of two different Freds, along the top of a wall. The original photo (top) was taken by Fred Aemmer, Sr. in the mid 1980’s. The recreated photo (bottom), was taken by his.. read more →

Fred MacMurray’s Favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe

We’ve been told this recipe was one of Fred MacMurray’s favorites. It’s fun to think that ‘America’s Ultimate Dad’ enjoyed this scrumptious pumpkin pie during his Thanksgiving celebrations. Now you can too! Just like Steve Douglas (MacMurray’s character on ‘My Three Sons”). Would you like a .pdf of this recipe so you can download and print it.. read more →

A Letter From Fred

A 95-year-old Peoria man isn’t a musician, but the lyrics he put on paper are now being shared with the world. Fred Stobaugh recently lost his wife of nearly 75 years. He said they shared a love of music. Fred soon turned his sadness into a song. “We were, like, just as one we were. Lorraine.. read more →