Fredric is spearheading an effort to make sure that Congress continues to support the Veterans Homelessness Act.

Fredric wants Congress to continue supporting the Veterans Homelessness Act. The picture on the wall is a signed photograph from Admiral Zumwalt to Fredric. The photo will be donated to the USS Zumwalt at it’s christening on April 12, 2014.
Photo of Fredric at his computer was taken by nine year old Cora Knewson. Thanks Cora!

Fredric Alan Maxwell is a Fred on a mission. He wants to see to it that the homeless veteran becomes a thing of the past.

A decorated Vietnam-era Navy veteran himself, Fredric served on the personal staffs of Admirals Zumwalt and Holloway when they were the Chiefs of Naval Operations. After leaving the service, however, things went from bad to worse and Fred ended up a homeless vet.

But he never gave up and, with some help from a federal program known as HUD-VASH, which provides rental assistance and clinical services for veterans, today Fredric not only lives in an apartment in Portland, Oregon, but is spearheading an effort to make sure that Congress continues to fund, support and expand the HUD-VASH program.

Homeless-Veteran-Sign1According to Fredric, this bill will “get vets off the street by taxing defense contractors.” With a 1% tax on these contractors, the Act will “raise the $5-$10 billion needed to fully fund the very successful voucher and social services HUD-VASH program…” The bill was first introduced in 2012, but failed to pass. Fredric and others hope that it eventually will.

Fredric has been lobbying for passage of the bill, having written President Obama and others in Washington, D.C. and is hoping to have some face-to-face interactions with lawmakers when he attends the April 2014 christening of the USS Zumwalt, the Navy’s newest and most modern warship named after a man Fredric calls “the best boss I ever had.”

“Whatever your political beliefs,” Fredric says, “we all agree that veterans deserve our thanks because war can really mess up the warriors, who too-often are shat upon and thrown away like disposable diapers. I ask for your help to return homeless vets to full human status.”

Won’t you help? For information on what you can do to help Fredric help America’s veterans, visit his website: Click here

All of us here at Fredquarters give a big salute to this courageous Fredric who has not only nobly served his country but the Fred Society as well!

PS Fredric noted, Congress is at its all-time low of public approval. He thinks this may be because, out of its 535 members, only one is named Fred.