Fred's DX - Somewhere near Dyersville, Iowa

Fred’s DX – Somewhere near Dyersville, Iowa

A good Friend of the Freds (FOF), John Goen sent the Head Fred this photo on a recent trip home to Dyersville, Iowa. As you can see it was a bright, sunny and warm day in Iowa when John took this cool photo. We don’t know what ‘Fred’s DX’ was or who ‘Fred’ is, but we love the photo.

A Dyersville Fun Fact: In 1982, screenwriter Phil Robinson became interested in the novel “Shoeless Joe.”  He recognized the potential for this heartwarming story and looked for a setting for the film.  In the early months of 1988, Robinson came upon the Lansing farm near Dyersville and said, “That’s it!  That’s my farm!”  The movie produced was called “The Field of Dreams,” starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.  Today the site is well maintained and visited by many baseball enthusiasts. FOF John Goen told us that when the film crew came to their town they needed baseball player ‘extras’. If you remember the closing scene from the movie, when all the old players come out of the cornfield, a lot of those guys were friend’s John played baseball with in school.

Another Dyersville Fun Fact: While researching John’s photo we found a famous Dyersville Fred. He was Fred Ertl, Sr. who started the ‘Ertl Toy Company in 1945. They made Toy Farm Equipment. His John Deere tractor was one of the most popular models. Fred’s farm toys were hugely popular. So much so that Dyersville is known as the ‘Farm Toy Capital of the World’ and is the home to the ‘National Farm Toy Museum’.