Grate Lahmejoun!

Grate Lahmejoun!

We just got this photo from Stephen ‘Fred’ Krikorian showing off his new ‘Frederick the Grate’ tee shirt. Stephen and his Mom Jan had just finished a big batch of Lahmejoun. That’s what Stephen is holding.

You may be asking what in the heck is a ‘Lahmejoun?’ It’s an Arabic word that translates to ‘meat and bread.’ It’s much more than that! It’s a delicious combination of meats, spices and crispy bread dough. It’s shaped like an Italian pizza, but meat is used instead of cheese.The Armenian name for Lahmejoun is Missahatz.

We thank Stephen for the photo. We’re sure the Frederick the Grate tee shirt added to the whole day-long experience. Making Lahmejoun is a commitment. You’ll need at least 6 hours to make a batch of 72 pizzas..but it’s worth every minute, once you take a bite.

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