I Never Cut the Cheese Apron

Frederick the Grate Apron - $24.99

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“I Never Cut the Cheese, I Grate It!” Frederick the Grate Apron

Frederick the Grate is best known for his role in the war against the Goudas and Edams. History also tells of a nasty scrape he had with a particularly brutal Gruyere. Cheddars, Blues, and even Havartis crumble before him, reduced to shreds. Mention his name to a Camembert and watch it mold right in front of your eyes. All the time NEVER once cutting the cheese! Yes, he is one bad Fred…and we honestly believe no ‘Fred’ home should be without this hilarious apron.

  • Mango Colored Butcher Apron with dark grey hand drawn and printed front graphic – ‘I never cut the cheese… I grate it!”
  • Apron will fit most.
  • 7.5oz twill apron is made with a 65% poly and 35% cotton blend, for extra easy care.
  • Apron has two center divided patch pockets, for lots of storage!
  • Not one, but two piece neck adjustment sliders.
  • Apron is 34″ in length and 23″ wide.
  • Each apron comes with extra Long 36 inch finished ties. One for each side!! Wow!

#FGA: I Never Cut the Cheese Apron – $24.99  Sorry! We are backordered on these aprons. Should have in soon.


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