Frederick the Grate Tee Shirt

Frederick the Grate T-Shirt - $19.99

Frederick the Grate is best known for his role in the war against the Goudas and Edams. History also tells of a nasty scrape he had with a particularly brutal Gruyere. Cheddars, Blues, and even Havartis crumble before him, reduced to shreds. Mention his name to a Camembert and watch it mold right in front of your eyes. Yes, he is one bad Fred…and we honestly believe no home should be without him. And no Fred should be without the T-shirt or apron that honors all he has done for pizzas, macaroni and quiches around the world.

Frederick the Grate: Cooks Love Him. Cheeses Fear Him.

About the Artist: The FRED Society commissioned Bruce “Fred” Arlen, to illustrate the Grate (aka Frederick the Grate). Check out Bruce’s latest book, ‘BAMUSERS: Musings in Art.’ He calls it ‘Spontaneous Amusement .’ Check out Bruce’s website and get a closer look. You’ll Be Amused by clicking here.

Frederick the Grate T-Shirt – $19.99 / 2XL $21.99 / Sorry, we are OUT of Large and 3XL sizes $23.99

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