Irritable Fred Syndrome T-Shirt

Irritable Fred Syndrome T-Shirt - $19.99

You may be suffering from IFS (Irritable Fred Syndrome) and not even know it! Athough, I’m sure your family and friends do! Hah!

We’ve heard it from day one, “Hey, where’s Wilma?” Ridicule, jokes and puns seem to be directed towards us daily. Not sure why? Freds have done great things in this world. There have been influencial Freds who have developed medicines that have saved millions of lifes. There have been Freds who have revolutionized the way we ship stuff around the world. Freds who invented the accordian…ok, two out of three ain’t bad!

Now it’s your turn to fight back and show the world you’re proud to be a Fred…irritated, but proud. Take advantage of this limited time offer of this soon-to-be-collector’s item, the ‘Irritable Fred Syndrome’ tee shirt.’

We took a high quality black tee shirt (100% cotton) and emblazoned the IFS graphic in distressed white on the front. Order your’s today or get it as gift for your fed-up Fred! Once we sell out of this stock, they’ll be no more.

#13TS: Irritable Fred Syndrome T-Shirt – $19.99 / 2XL $21.99 / 3XL $23.99

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