Fred LeFebvre at WSPD Studios

Fred LeFebvre is an on air radio personality at WSPD in Toledo Ohio. He has a morning show called ‘Fred LeFebvre and the Morning Show.’

Ever since 1980 when Fred first got to Toledo, he made it his goal to help the area reach it’s potential. Whether it was keeping the community informed about local political shenanigans, or being involved in local charities, you’ll see Fred.

Fred can be opinionated when necessary but you know he does his homework. Off air Fred loves to read, get psyched over great movies, live music and local festivals. Fred’s weight reveals a strong affinity for the local cuisine, and he refuses to miss a Rib-LeFebvreFreducationLogoOff. Join Fred every weekday beginning at 6am on WSPD radio, even if you disagree with Fred, hell especially if you disagree!

NewsFredFlash! Fred LeFebvre will be talking live on WSPD 1370 radio and iHeart.com with The Head Fred on June 12, 2015 at 7:35am. They will be talking about the latest goings on, newest Fredrobilia items and other happenings at FredQuarters. Be sure to tune in.

Thanks to Fred LeFebvre for spreading the ‘Fred’ word for over 15 years. He’s been kind enough to check in with The FRED Society periodically and give on air time to ‘talking Fred’ and The FRED Society. And also thanks to Fred for positively representing all the Freds with his fredinthropic charity work. You make all the Freds look good.

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WSPD’s website: If you want to check out more about WSPD and Fred Fred LeFebvre, you can go to WSPD’s website: click here.

Also, thanks to WSPD for most of the text used in this story and for all the photos/graphics.