Fred takes his young kids’ drawings on business trips and colors them in to pass the time on the plane. Wow!!

Fred Giovannitti colours his kids’ drawings while flying for business trips. This Fred takes his young kids’ drawings on business trips and colors them in to pass the time on the plane.

It’s both an adorable collaboration between father, son and daughter as well as an impressive collection of surrealist art.

“I invent industrial equipment designed to save and protect the world’s marine ecosystems,” Fred said. “To help pay for this, I travel 10 days each month to Las Vegas, where I own a small tattoo studio.”

When he’s not travelling, Giovannitti lives in Delaware with his wife and two children, eight-year-old Freddie and six-year-old Sofia.

“Sometimes people seem like they don’t want to bother me so they keep quiet,” Giovannitti said in an email to Business Insider, “Other times, with the more sociable flight mates, they think I’m colouring my own drawings and are always surprised to hear the story behind what I’m doing.”

His work with tattoos inspired the way he chose to shade the drawings with coloured pencils. Lately, he has started experimenting with colouring his kids’ drawings on his iPad using the ArtStudio app after snapping a photo of the line drawing. Giovannitti said it actually takes less time for him to work with the coloured pencils because he’s more comfortable with the medium, but either way, he can finish a drawing in one of the three-hour legs of his flight across the country.

“Although I will be dabbling more on the tablet,” Giovannitti wrote, “I’ll be sticking to the pencils mostly for our future collaborations.”

Thanks to FRED Society member Fred Chestnut for sending us this cool story.

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